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. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6:01. >>> the bill bratton debate in oakland ended about four hours ago. the so-called super cop is going to be a consultant for the oakland police department and cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in our newsroom with details on the debate that took half the night. anne. >> reporter: good morning. there were so many people that wanted to speak about this, the meeting lasted about 9 hours. finally the city council approved the contract with bill bratton by a vote of 7-1 including a provision that says whatever policies come from the consulting will not permit any racial profiling. bill bratton is the former police chief of l.a. and new york now charged with advising the oakland pd on the short-term crime-fighting strategy and community safety plan. the council approved spending $250,000 to hire him. protestors say he is over agressing including "stop & frisk" measures in which people can be stopped and searched i an officer deems them suspicious. >> i'm mortified if this council says it rejects "stop &
department that calls to bring out the national guard in oakland. >>> when the thaw out begins. >>> and good evening. it is cold and it is going to get colder overnight. the temperatures dipped stkpo the 20s early this morning. we are expecting to see more of the same tonight. but, change is coming. >> the deep freeze continues to deepen. livermore is down to 38 degrees. it was at 44 minutes ago but the wind, so far, now calmed. a lowing that temperature to -- allowing that temperature to plummet. meanwhile, tonight, overnight, we are expecting to dip down to 25 degrees. yesterday or overnight we had a record of 26 degrees there. 20s in livermore throughout the try valley. 22 in -- tri-valley. 22 again that is why we have a warning in place. frost advisory is in place. this is a prolonged cold snap. so, we will tell you when the warmer more mild air mas will move back into the area. and ann that is coming up later in the newscast. >> looking forward to that, thanks. >>> backyard plants and the ones end up on your dinner plate are about to
recent shooting happening a few blocks away from bishop high school in east oakland. juliette goodrich is in oakland tonight. juliette, looks like 2013 is coming in the way 2012 went out. >> reporter: ken, these suspects still at large. it has been a chaotic and very deadly day today in oakland. we're talking about four reported homicides in a span of six hours today. this latest deadly incident phoned in at 8:15 tonight. chopper 5 giving you some pictures above the crime scene. it happened along 94th avenue on hillside street. neighbors reported hearing 20 to 30 gunshots. police are looking for the suspects. bullet casings are found everywhere in the area. one man is confirmed dead. now, this is following three other homicides. those three homicides happening within a two-hour time period today, this afternoon. tonight, police are looking for the suspects in all of today's homicides. there have been no arrests. but they are especially concentrating their efforts along 94th avenue, where this latest deadly shooting occurred. police still
. >>> oakland can add a super cop to the payroll in an effort to fight violent crime or they might like to. bill bratton led police departments in both new york and los angeles. and he is ready to help oakland for a substantial fee of course. but as anne makovec reports, not everyone is rolling out the red carpet for him, right? >> reporter: that is true. last night a committee did approve the contract but they didn't confirm that bratton is going to be the man. the council has been ordered to look at alternatives because bratton has been raising some eyebrows with comments basically in support of "stop & frisk." that is a policy that some other police departments across the country are using. bratton is the former police chief of l.a. and new york. and he is a proponent of an officer's right to search anyone if there is reasonable suspicion that the person is involved in any sort of criminal activity and with murder rates at alarming levels, we have talked four murders in oakland just last friday, the council has been considering a $250,000 contract t
police department in oakland. >> that's true. >> very big day around here. >> mavericks going on. and the game coming up. >> two games coming up. and also the ravens and the patriots here on cbs 5. remember that. >>> meanwhile, big time in washington, d.c. as president barack obama officially begins his second term. and he is going to be sworn in just before 9:00 a.m. pacific time today. the public swearing in is tomorrow. >> according to a new york times poll, he heads into the second term with an approval rating of 51%. 10 months ago, it was 41%, the lowest of his presidency. the highest rating was 68% in april of 2009. and about 90 minute, he will take the oath of office for his second term. it's going to happen in front of a small gathering at the white house blue room. and tomorrow, the swearing in will be reenacted outdoors. we are in washington, d.c. with more on what's ahead. >> reporter: with the national day of service behind us, preparations are underway for here in washington, d.c. for the official swearing in. president barack
a jumpsuit and sweatshirt. >>> they call him the super cop and some say he is what oakland needs to fight violent crime. as anne makovec reports not everyone is rolling out the red carpet. >> reporter: he is coming with controversy. last night a committee approved the contract but did not confirm that bratton himself will be the man. the council is looking for alternatives. >> for any city to say they don't do "stop & frisk," i'm sorry they doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. >> that's bill bratton former l.a. and new york police chief a proponent of an officer's right to search anyone if there's reasonable suspicion the person is involved in criminal activity. with murder rates at alarming levels in oakland including four last friday alone the council is considering a $250,000 contracted to hire bratton to help out. those were protestors at the city council meeting last night saying "stop & frisk" unfairly targets minorities by allowing officers to harass whoever they want just because they suspect the person is up to no good. stats from
deputies and a supervisor to patrol oakland streets two days a week. also, a new police academy class is now scheduled for later this year to train more officers. now, these votes come as oakland has experienced a rapid rise in crime. there is some hope that these new measures may make a dent in the statistics. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> a one-alarm fire erupted at an apartment building on oakland street near octavia boulevard in san francisco. the fire was record around 2:45 this morning. trees near the three-story apartment building caught fire. the frames spread on the outside wall of the structure. it was out in an hour. no injuries. >>> police are investigating an armed robbery that took place in downtown palo alto last night. it happened at the 300 block of ramona street shortly before 9:00. at this time, police are not releasing details about the suspect, victim, what was stolen or the type of weapon that was used and they are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact them immediately. >>> in other hea
murder and arson for sunday's attack in the bayview. oliver was arrested yesterday at an oakland hotel. the victim, 25-year-old starr lamar still in the hospital with life-threatening burns. >>> dna technology has prompted an arrest in a 28-year-old mountain view murder case. it was january of 1985 when the body of 21-year-old saba girm april. was found in a dumpster behind a safeway on north shore line boulevard. friday police arrested a man on suspicion of murder. his dna was matched to skin under the victim's fingernails. >>> the search for victims of a so-called "speed freak" killers is taking a new turn. the feds are going to dig another possible burial site in san joaquin county for victims of westly shermantine and lauren herr son. the fbi is focusing on a 50- foot well near where 1,000 bones were found. >> this well is approximately 50 feet deep. as i said earlier, we may only be able to excavate 5 feet each day. so we are going to do a very methodical and careful search. >> the feds took over the investigation from the san joaquin county she
. colder night slated for tomorrow. we'll have the details, coming up. >>> the city of oakland doesn't want this new year's to be a repeat of last year. christin ayers says police have a two-word message for partyers. no guns. >> we thought we were in a fire zone. >> reporter: john is talking about the sound of automatic celebratory gunfire every new year's eve. this year, he has a plan. >> i will be going in four hours before the gunfire starts. >> reporter: the new year's eve gunfire is documented in youtube videos, year after year. >> happy new year and happy holidays! >> reporter: this video shows a shooter who claims to be in east oakland, firing round after round from what appears to be a shotgun. but oakland police chief howard jordan insists this year will be different. >> we actually have a team of officer dedicated solely to respond to gunfire call in the city tonight. >> reporter: officers are using enhanced shot spotter technology, a system that records the sound and location of gunfire and sends the information directly to an officer's patrol car laptop. >> we are going to be o
the streets of oakland, like they can useless officers. joe learned the chp is pulling the plug on operation impact. >> i talked to several oakland police officers who have been impressed with the job chp has down to street in oakland. so the police chief has asked the chp to stay another 90 days. chp is saying yes, if you pay us. >> this last 90 day period came from the chp's budget. >> chp has happened opd many times in the past, usually funded by state grants. not this time. chp like any other organization has a budget it it has to operate within. it would imprudent to except the police to provide police service without the service being reimbursed. the decision comes days after approving a $250,000 contract to bring in deputies from alameda county. i don't know if we have to pay them, that's a position of some in the capital. i'm meeting with the commissioner and the chp and talking to the governor, i hope it would be covered by grants. >> i will reach out to jerry brown, he knows the issue in oakland. playing this game with the highway
the nimitz 880 at oakland no delay between hayward and downtown. that's a check of "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> oakland city leaders are calling for a state of emergency in the city after a deadly weekend. and today, oakland city leaders and police are expected to announce a plan of action on how to deal with the gun violence. five people were shot at on seminary drive last night, multiple people injured, no one killed. there were a total of three nonfatal shootings yesterday. on friday, four people were killed in separate incidents. no arrests have been made. some city leaders say it's time to bring in the national guard to patrol the streets and many residents support that idea. >> even if they make us uncomfortable, anything -- but we are open to exploring ideas. >> i'm okay with that. let's do it! two thumbs up on that. let's do it! >> six people have already been killed in oakland so far in the new year. >>> two oakland men accused of a double homicide last fall are expected to enter pleas this afternoon. 15-year-
of oakland california, is looking for new ideas to stop a surge in gun violence. last night, during a city council meeting, it hired william bratton, the former los angeles police chief, as a consultant. last year, there were 117 gun deaths in oakland and 14 since the shooting in newtown, connecticut, six weeks ago. we asked john blackstone to look into this. >> it's just a war zone that's going on. >> reporter: hundreds of oakland residents attended last night's city council meeting. jessica hauly is an expectant mother.Ñi >> i tried to talk about this a lot before i came because i didn't want to cry. i'm sad and scared to be having a black boy in oakland! >> reporter: that fear of gun violence is shared by vice mayor larry reid. >> when i go out into community meetings, i have a bulletproof vest that i wear, but i don't have a gun. >> reporter: oakland has a long history of crime linked to drugs, gangs and poverty, but on a single day this month four people were shot dead within six hours. what's the cause of this crime surge in oakland? >> it's too many guns on the streets in the hands
of an undercover police officer in oakland last night. investigators say the undercover detective was hit in the arm, just before 6:30 last night as he sat in a car near seminary and bromley avenues. one suspect was arrested, the officer is expected to recover. >>> a heated debate is expected at the meeting of the oakland city council, the big issue, whether to pay a quarter million dollars to hire an anticrime consultant, william bratton, who let police departments in new york, boston and los angeles. he has strong supporters and critics. baton has a history -- bratton has a history of helping crime but there is concern about his stop and frisk and zero tolerance. >>> let's find out what's cooking on this tuesday. >> we've got a storm brewing. we haven't said that for three weeks, it looks like, yeah, we've got clouds beginning to make their way across the skies. no rain today, it will be a fairly pleasant day outside. hazy sunshine. you can see the storm clouds off the coastline but that is going to start to move onshore, as we head toward tomorrow.
. >> this video from 2011 thoughs a shooter who claims to be in east oakland. firing round after round from what appears to be a shotgun. but oakland police chief howard jordan says this year will be different. >> we actually have a team of officers dedicated by supervisor, by one sergeant solely respond to gunfire faults in the city tonight. >> reporter: for the first time during new year's, officers are using enhanced shooter response. we are going to be out there, we are going to be watching you. we're taking it very seriously. >> people are going to do what they're going to do regardless. i just hope that people don't get hurt. i just home people are safe tonight. >> reporter: no matter how many officers are out chasing down gunfire tonight, the roof problem remains unsolved. >> there are too many guns out. and irresponsible people. >> reporter: oakland police are also stepping up dui patrols and encouraging anyone who sees or hears celebratory gunfire to text tip oakland pd to 888- 7777. in oakland, steve penere. >>> we're following breaking news from san francisco fisherman's wharf. a man
. >>> a sudden surge in gang violence has turned the streets of oakland into a war zone. there have been 16 shootings in the past 3 days. the latest just 3 hours ago. four of the victims have been killed all within a 6 hour stretch that was friday. police say the bulk of the violence can be traced to a small group of feuding gangs and chief howard jordan tell it is chronicle it all started with the murder of a gang members girlfriend over the summer. 90% of the violence since then can be directly tied to that single incident. now the city of oakland is making a big money bet on a legendary law money to come in and turn -- law man to come in and turn things around. a controversial crime fighting tactic he calls a must have, might be a tough sell. >> reporter: it was a bloody weekend for oakland and a stronger argument for the city's soon to be hired police consultant to impose one of hiscontroversial policies stopping and searching suspicious people otherwise known as stop and frisk. he told cbs 5 he won't back off from what he believes works. >> for any c
me with her girlfriends from oakland, they grew up living a darker side of history. >> i was in the south when we had to actually go in the back of the restaurant and wasn't able to sit at the counter. >> reporter: carol heys would never imagine she could see an african-american president sworn in. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> reporter: or talk about martin luther king. mr.bam made history uttering a three letter word never spoken in an inaugural address, gay. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated fairly under the law. >> reporter: he urged congress to work with him. >> we cannot mistake absolutism for principle or substitute spectacle for politics. >> reporter: people who waited for hours embraced the harsher tone, the smaller crowd of 700, 000. anita jackson told me crunching numbers is missing the point of the inauguration rich with history and four years later, hope. >> i'm so proud and honored to be a part of this environment today. >> reporter: before leaving the capitol
next door to richmond! >> reporter: activists from groups including "occupy oakland" are protesting saying he has openly aggressive police measures including "stop & frisk" in which people can be stopped and searched just for looking suspicious. >> it's racial profiling. and any young black or brown person who fits the profile is going to be subject to being harassed. >> the city is polarized on this issue. it can't stay black and white like that. not every police officer is an angel but not every police officer is corrupt either. >> reporter: in the end the council approved spending $250,000 to hire bratton the former police chief of los angeles and new york and he is now charged with advising the opd on a short-term crime- fighting strategy. oakland's police chief howard jordan says there is no discussion of using "stop & frisk" and that he does not support that policy. mayor quan's office sent out a letter this morning saying the aclu down in los angeles reported a dramatic drop in police-related complaints during his tenure as t
anne makovec is in the newsroom room this morning with the steps officials are taking in oakland. >> reporter: a total of four measures aimed at beefing up the oakland pd were sent on to the council last night but the public safety committee stopped short of approving a plan to bring former l.a. police chief bill bratton on board as a consultant. [ screaming ] >> reporter: protestors opposing bratton's outspoken approval of "stop & frisk" policies. now, bratton is a former police chief of l.a. and new york and he supports an officer's right to search anyone if there's reasonable suspicion the person is involved in criminal activity. with the murder rates at alarming levels in oakland the council has been considering a $250,000 contract to hire bratton to help the oakland pd. last night, a committee approved the contract but didn't confirm bratton will be the man. the council ordered to look at alternatives. >> i'm the police chief. i'm the guy that gets to decide what practice we are going to do and how we're going to do it because i'm the pe
to oakland right now, another look at the burning building. we believe it's a house. fire crews trying to get a handle on it right now. it's near the city's chinatown. a lot of smoke still coming up. live pictures from chopper 5. first reports indicate the fire is burning inside a vacant victorian on the 600 block of harrison street. within the last few minutes we saw some flames from chopper 5 still coming from some of the windows. so firefighters you can see there are still busy trying to get this one under control. >>> here's something we have not seen in quite a while. umbrellas, yeah, rain falling around parts of the bay area today. this video from san francisco this afternoon. so where is it raining now? our chief meteorologist paul deanno shows us with our live hi-def doppler. >> i'm just happy everybody had the umbrella. they watched the forecast. yes, it was raining earlier still is right now. seg a big uptick in light rain moving up from the south. radar more active currently compared to an hour ago. light rain in oakland, san ramon, danvi
a look at his -- well, first class accommodations. >>> new at 5:00 oakland police are looking for whoever shot an 8 yearly girl. it happened about 2:30 this afternoon on 65th avenue in east oakland. she was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >>> a blatant show of law breaking bravado stopped traffic in the middle of a busy bay area freeway in the middle of the day. cbs 5 reporter john ramos tells us it was enough to shock even the chp, who is now checking the license plate numbers of the cars in that video. >>> reporter: midday traffic on 880 near the oakland coliseum moves along quickly. but sunday at around 4 p.m., it came to a complete halt because of this. [ screeching tires ] >> reporter: this video posted on youtube shows the complete northbound lanes blocked while cars spin doughnuts in the middle of the freeway. the chp says at least five or six cars were involved coming dangerously close to each other and people on the shoulder. if it was somebody's idea of fun, the chp clearly isn't laughing. >> people know
we'll have the full forecast in just a minute. >>> the city of oakland is dealing with day of violence as four people were killed in separate shootings yesterday. all within a six-hour period. the most recent happened at around 8:00 last night in the 9400 block of hillside street on the city's east side. a man was found dead inside a home. the other three shootings happened yesterday afternoon spanning from west to east oakland. investigators aren't saying when the shootings are related or if -- saying whether the shootings are related or if there are any arrests. >>> an autopsy will be done on a body found in sonoma county found at the novado disposal service. cbs 5 reporter juliette goodrich and on how investigators believe how the body got there. >> reporter: tonight investigators are trying to determine if the body found here at the novato disposal center was a homicide or an accidental death. workers at the recycling center discovered a man's body this afternoon in a recycling bin. the man's body had some signs of trauma according t
: exactly how oakland with do that remains to be seen. as far as a state of emergency or national guard it wasn't practical because it won't last. states of emergency only last for a certain period of time. second of all, politically, it would have been a black eye for the city of oakland and one they are not ready to take. in oakland, phil matier, cbs 5. >> coming up at 6:00 the man tap to turn the oakland police department around has his ideas on how to curb the violence. why his plan may be met with stiff opposition, at 6:00. >>> in larkspur a 150-foot tree fell down hitting utility lines and smashing into a house across the street. it happened at around 11:30 this morning on the 300 block of baltimore avenue in the madrone canyon area. the huge redwood caused significant damage to the second story of the house. one person in the house was not injured. the tree also took down utility lines and about 70 customers lost power. officials believe roof decay had weakened the tree. >> overnight freezing temperatures made for a slick commute in the east ba
guys. >>> oakland city leaders are calling for a state of emergency after a deadly weekend and later today those leaders and the police all expected to announce a new plan of action on how to deal with the gun violence in the city of oakland. several people were injured in a shooting on seminary drive last night. there were three nonfatal shootings yesterday. on friday, four people were killed in separate incidents. some officials say it's time to bring in the national guard and many residents support that idea. >> anything, even if they make us uncomfortable, anything that would -- we are open to exploring the ideas. >> i'm okay with that. let's do it. let's do it. two thumbs up for that, let's do it. >> 6 people have been already killed in oakland so far this new year. >>> a rape suspect is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a woman in her apartment here in san francisco. police say 25-year-old javon jones of marin city barged into the apartment on telegraph hill as the 26-year-old came home saturday night. jones allegedly dem
5. >>> a feud between several gangs has left four people dead in oakland. police say three men and a teenage boy were gunned down over six hours last night. an oakland police spokeswoman says the shootings are linked to specific groups. while police are investigating, no arrests have been made. oakland had 131 homicides last year. so far, there are sixth year. police say four in one day is unusual. >>> and the violence continued today. oakland police say three more people were hit by gunfire. the shootings happened on harr monde avenue near seminary avenue just before 1:00 this afternoon. all three people are expected to survive. no word if they are connected to last night's violence. >>> 68 people were victims of homicide last year. a memorial walk began today at st. anthony's church, continuing through the mission district. participants carried crosses symbolizing each one of those killed. one man who walked had a personal reason for taking part. >> i spent 23 1/2 years incarcerated because i took a person's life. and to -- to hold this
we get more information. >>> some breaking news in east oakland as well. there's a new arrest in the shooting of an undercover police officer. this follows a confrontation last night and a man hunt for more than 12 hours. cbs 5 reporter is there right now. >> reporter: in fact within the last half hour officers made an additional arrest and now three people are within police custody but still one, maybe two suspects are outstanding. >> it was never easy when you get a call from your home regarding one of your fellow colleagues who's been shot and injured. >> reporter: oakland police say last night an undercover officer was on seminary avenue between harmon and east 17th street. he was following up on a recent shooting when several adults confronted him and shot at the officer. >> i think because of his experience and his willingness to survive last night, we were fortunate that he was not injured more seriously. >> reporter: the officer was hit once in the arm and was treatmented at the hoe roll -- treated at the local hospital and released
of the oakland a's are pulling for a niner's win. the oakland a's sold out their fan fest today. and fans lined up for a chance to see some of their favorite players close-up. but it seems no matter who your team is, everyone is pulling for the 49ers. >> i have a good feeling. rooting for the bay. i don't think they are going to disappoint. >> next sunday, i want the niners to take it. cap is a local boy from where i am from. >> last season is the oakland a's best in almost a decade. they ended up losing to the tigers in the post season. spring training starts in just a few weeks. >>> this is a great time to be a bay area sports fan. >> always. >> yes. always a great time to be a bay area sports fan. can you smell it in the air? >> what? >> baseball. oh. [ laughter ] >> after next weekend we are talking baseball. >> yes. >>and you were talking about covering my plants earlier. >> yes. yes, today, highs in the 50s and lots of blue skies and then tonight, once the sun did set official he at 5:27 this is what we saw. wow! full moon. gorgeous. and
though. 29 in concord and oakland. look at santa rosa, still chilly. 27 degrees. we'll have the entire forecast for you in a fews. >>> and the big mavericks surf competition is happening tomorrow. spectators are trying to catch the best views of the big show. and you do have to follow some new rules as this year the beach and all the cliffs will be off limits. the same goes to all roads. the best way to view the competition is at the mavericks festival held at the hotel and spa at princeton harbor. >>> the event is half a mile out so it will be tough to see anyway. you will certainly be better off viewing it from the jumbotron. >> there will be cameras of the surfers everywhere you can think of, all feeding live video back to shore. organizers, they expect the beautiful weather and the largest crowds ever both on the shore and on the water. >>> now other bay area headlines this morning. a richmond man who shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and the man he thought they were dating was sentenced to death, convicted in november for the 2009 mu
stolen from the oakland museum. thieves broke in on monday, took off with a historic gold box worth more than 80$0,000. museum officials and mayor quan will announce a reward at 9:30 a.m. this is the second time in two months someone broke into the museum. >>> the water is back on at a bay area hospital disrupted by a pipe problem. alta bates medical center in oakland declared a code dry for the building yesterday afternoon halting all water use. surgeries were halted and no water was available anywhere. the problem a plumbing failure. the code dry lasted for more than 4 hours. >>> this morning, vice president joe biden is talking about ways to curb gun violence. he is meeting with victim groups and gun safety organizations. tomorrow he will meet with the national rifle association and other gun owner groups. president obama wants biden to hear about those policy plans by the end of the month e. >>> the obama administration says when american troops pull out of afghanistan at the end of next year, the u.s. could pull out all of them. white house
harrington, cbs 5. >>> other bay area headlines, an oakland teen has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing his adoptive parents last january. 16-year-old moses kamin pleaded guilty to both murders in december. he was charged as an adult in the deaths of 50-year-old the parents. >>> a dublin county shot and wounded this morning on frederiksen lane as the suspect's dad called 911 saying his son was acting strange. >>> in san jose police officers are looking for several suspects in connection with a deadly stabbing. it happened last night outside an apartment complex in the kenwood neighborhood. the victim was in his 30s, stabbed multiple times and died at a hospital. this marks the city's third murder of the year. >>> apple stock continues slumping today. now it is no longer the world's most valuable company. shares dropped 2.4% to close at $439.88. apple started the slide wednesday on a weak earnings report. analysts are concerned that updating old products like iphone won't generate profit like the new products will. exxonmobil is now the
for tonight. for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, good night. right now: the oakland city >>> good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allan martin. right now the oakland city council is meeting to decide whether to hire william bratton to help the police department deal with an out of control violence situation. joe vasquez is in oakland where some people think that there are better ways to spend the department's money. joe. >> reporter: allan, dozens of demonstrators are inside right now as the city council meeting is under way. there are perhaps as many police officers here to make sure the proceedings don't get out of control. meanwhile, it's the violence on the street that's out of control. several miles from here, in east oakland where this debate is resonating most profoundly. you want to know about violence in oakland? talk to gerline robertson. >> you have four sons? >> i have four sons. and out of the four sons, three of them been shot. and two of them been shot real severely. but through the grace of god they survi
"sports illustrated" curse? of leaving the water on... could cost the oakland unified school district an entire building. cbs 5 reporter d >>> a simple mistake of leaving the water on could cost the oakland unified school district an entire building! cbs 5 reporter da lin says it's so bad the building may have to be demolished. >> the sink in the custodian closet was running overnight for ten hours until it was discovered. >> it's a mistake. >> reporter: the mistake shut down oakland unified school district's main building for the remainder of the school- year. this century-old building might be demolished and a custodian was fired. >> if that were my house, my house would be very upset if i forgot to turn off the water and flooded it. >> reporter: the substitute custodian forgot to turn off the water. 1500 gallons damaged all four floors. >> there are some weak points in the floors and ceilings. the insulation had to be ripped out. a lot of places there's asbestos. >> reporter: instead of having all the department's located at one place, they are
and michelle, plus vern glenn, live in new orleans. >>> oakland police are looking for the suspect who shot and injured an eight-year-old girl in a drive-by. it happened in a house on 65th avenue at around 2:30 this afternoon. the girl was hit in her leg and is in the hospital. police say from the looks of it, she was caught in the cross fire and not targeted. the house, and the suv in the driveway, were riddled with bullet holes. >>> the chp is looking for the drivers who did this. this is a youtube video posted over the weekend of what's called a sideshow, cars doing donuts in the middle of the nimitz freeway near the oakland coliseum. joe vazquez is there tonight with more. >> reporter: liz, this is bizarre, even by oakland standards. picture this. thick traffic on the freeway. then you have to stop while these souped up cars start doing donuts around you. >> that is not okay to put people's lives in danger like that. >> reporter: look closely and you can still see the circular marks burned in the freeway. this was the scene saturday afternoon
. >>> a big announcement today from oakland police and city leaders there. they hope to share a plan of action after a deadly violent weekend in the city. five people shot on seminary drive last night multiple people injured but nobody killed. there were a total of three nonfatal shootings yesterday and on friday, four people were killed in separate incidents. no arrests have been made and some city leaders say they have just had enough. >> i think that not only a stat of emergency but we also need to call out, reach out to other law enforcement. if it's u.s. marshals, the sheriff, the state police, that's what oakland needs to immediately be able to deal with this crime issue. >> in the new year there have already been six homicides in oakland, last year 131 the most in six years. >>> this afternoon two oakland men accused of killing two girls scheduled to enter their pleas in court. 15-year-old rachel gerstle and bobbie sartain were killed in east oakland in late november. court documents show two men are charged with the murders. >>> a rape sus
ers fans are pouring into atlanta for tomorrow's championship game. >> oakland and california have these very strong gun-control laws, but i still have teenagers with ak-47's on the street. >> california leaders gathered in washington, and tonight they're talking gun control. a live report from d.c. after the break. >>> good evening, everybody. mavericks. it's a green light for sunday. we've got that forecast. plus rain, when it returns to the bay area. the details with the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, get free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry, the special financing offer ends martin luther king, jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train. superior service best selection lowest price guaranteed. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the *public* swearing in is monday.
. >>> oakland police have arrested five men in the shooting of an oakland police officer. the shooting happened about 6:00 yesterday evening in the 1700 clock of seminary avenue. an undercover officer was on a stake-out. police say a group of armed and dangerous men approached the officer and shot him in the arm. he was unable to return fire. the shooting prompted a manhunt by a s.w.a.t. team, officers from other agencies and the c.h.p. the search uncovered several weapons and resulted in those arrests. two of the suspects are known gang members. >> i think any time we have subjects who are willing to confront the police and pull a trigger on an officer, i think we have to take that very seriously. >> police aren't releasing the names of the men arrested. they say they are following up on search warrants and looking for additional suspects. >>> but it is decision day in oakland. in about an hour, the city council is going to vote on whether to fire former l.a. and new york police chief william bratton as a consultant. cbs 5 reporter joe vasque
and watt link street in east oakland. no word on the condition. >>> the flu killed a 98-year- old santa clara county woman. she had several underlying conditions. health department says such deaths are not unusual among the elderly. >>> san francisco's new nudity ban still in place tonight. a federal judge heard a challenge today from activists claiming it violates their personal freedom. the judge refused to rule. he says he will consider their arguments and issue a ruling before the city's ban goes into effect on february 1. >>> tenants living in deplorable conditions in san francisco are turning the tables on their landlord. they say he has ignored unbearable living situations at their apartment building on turk street. so they marched to another one of his properties, the popular naan n curry restaurant on o'farrell. da lin says he too is a the landlord claims to be a victim. >> reporter: this is how one family has to flush the toilet. another apartment, here's what's under the kitchen sink. another family, clogged drains. but the tenants at this
to implement in oakland. would stop and frisk be an answer here? >> for any city to say they don't do stop and frisk, i'm sorry, they don't know what the hell they are talking about. every police department in america does it. the challenge is to do it constitutionally within the law. challenge is to do it compassionately. you're dealing with human beings. and the challenge is to do it consistently so you cannot be accused that you're only doing it in one neighborhood of the city or directed against one population of the city. >> reporter: but already there are people who say if you try that they will fight it tooth and nail. >> reporter: what do they think the average oakland cop is doing today when he stops somebody for traffic violations, he stops somebody that he has a reasonable suspicion is committing a crime or may be about to commit a crime, thisoff that somehow or another police -- this idea that somehow or another police can't function without it? i'm sorry, any police department in america that tries to function without some for the of stop a
makovec, cbs 5. >>> a $12,000 reward is up for grabs if you know where a stolen piece of oakland's history is. here it is. the historic gold box was stolen last week. the museum's insurance company is offering a $12,000 reward for its return. the box is 7 inches high and deep and 9 inches long. it was stolen during a break-in last week. >>> well, this next story is the story we've been talking about all day long. the football player's girlfriend hoax. >> it's a strange one. it was the feel-good story of the college football season. now it's come to a very confusing end. notre dame's manti te'o dominated on the football field, just days after learning his grandmother and girlfriend died within hours of one another. turns out te'o's girlfriend never existed. now everyone wants to know, was te'o in on it or was he the victim of a terrible scam? >> i think she said something like i love you. >> reporter: it was a tragic love story that prompted a nationwide outpouring of grief for a college football star. man tie tayo's long-time girlfriend, le
and that should is be a record. the lows 30s in oakland should be a record. again, swre -- we have a freeze warning in effect. this is a prolonged cold snap. we will it will you when it is going toend and that is straight ahead. >> thank you. >>> a fire destroyed a mobile home in mountain view this morning. firefighters got the call at 5:00 a.m. when they got to the sierra mobile home park the trailer was completely engulfed in flames. one person inside of the mobile home got out safely and no other homes were damaged. the cause is under investigation. >>> in san jose more than a dozen people at the hilton hotel say a chemical odor made them sick just before 11:00 this morning. people on the 18th floor complained about irritated eyes. phaz mat crews and firefighters were call inside to check it out. >> when we have a building it this large where you have 18 floors to control and trying to keep people protected so we are not letting people back into the scene it can be problematic. >> whatever was making people sick it cleared out on its own. >>> escal
some help tackling this problem. what will it take to stop violence in oakland? only two weeks into the new year that are have already been 6 homicides. friday alone four were shot and killed and 11 more shootings over the weekend. the latest victims are just teenagers. the violence in the city is out of control and officials want a state of emergency. >> i think a state of emergency and also to call outreach out to over law enforcement, if it's the u.s. marshals, sheriff's, state police, that's what oakland needs to immediately to be able to deal with this crime. >> reporter: violent crime is up 23% in oakland. last year there were 131 homicides, the most in six years. police say the majority of the most recent violence is between feuding groups retaliating against one another using guns. witnesses to a shooting last night on seminary drive said they heard the sound of high- powered weapons. >> heard about 6 to 12 shots, they were loud. they seemed close. >> reporter: people who live and work in oakland have had enough and want a plan of ac
. oakland's police chief says violence against his officers must stop. >> this will not be tolerated. you cannot shoot at police officers when they are trying to carry out their work in the line of duty. we're going to do everything in our powers to put an end to this. >> the injured officer is a 13- year veteran of the force. he now has a leg injury, but it's not life threatening. last monday, an undercover detective sitting in his car was shot in the arm. officers arrested two suspected gang members in that incident. >>> checking other bay area headlines, an alameda county sheriffs deputy shot and wound add man who charged at officers with a 10-inch knife. that happened yesterday morning on frederickson lane in dublin. the suspect's dad had called 911, saying his son was acting strangely. no one was injured. the deputy is an eight-year veteran. he was placed on administrative leave. >>> a five-alarm fire destroyed a popular comedy club in fairfield. check out those flames. that roof collapsed as the fire tore through the original pepper belly co
a little bit earlier than that. otherwise here is a live look at the nimitz 880 in oakland flowing nicely towards downtown. quiet golden gate bridge. they did some lane changes a little while ago so they have more southbound 101 lanes open now and mass transit including capitol corridor amtrak all on time. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> okay, liz, thanks. >>> 5:03 now. a dead body is discovered in sonoma county. investigators found a car in a no parking zone last night on petaluma road north of east cotati avenue near sonoma state university. the trunk was unlocked. when they opened it they found a body inside wrapped in a blanket. investigators believe it is linked to a crime in santa rosa but are not providing any details. >>> city leaders in oakland say gang activity is a big reason behind a surge of violence over the weekend. there were 16 shootings during a span of 72 hours that ended yesterday. four of the victims died. police chief howard jordan says 90% of the recent violence is traced to two feuding gangs and the murder of one
new york and los angeles and he is ready now to help the city of oakland for a substantial fee, of course. tells us not everyone is rolling out the red carpet for him in part because what he told cbs 5 last night. >> protesters jam oakland city council chambers irate over this man's words. >> for any city to say they don't do stop and frisk i'm sorry, they don't know what the hell they're talking about. >> bill bratton former police chief of los angeles and new york may be the most unapologetic proponent of stop and frisk, the concept that allows police officers to search anyone who they have reasonable suspicion is involved in criminal activity. >> any police department in america that tries to function without some form of stop and frisk or whatever terminology they use is doom today failure. >> he's on his way to becoming a highly-paid consultant for the city of oakland. >> chief, is it safe to say you and bill bratton are on the same page when it comes to stop and frisk. >> i think we're saying the same thing. >> marchers who say stop and frisk unfairly targets minorities s
. >>> for the second time in four days, the oakland police officer has been shot. good evening, i'm ken bastida. liz has the night off tonight with another one of his officers in the hospitals. the police chief in oakland has a message for everyone. juliette goodrich is at the scene tonight. julia? >> reporter: can oakland police taking a tough stand tonight, the police chief having tough words tonight. there was a hit and run accident that happened at this intersection. two cars actually colliding into this building tonight. that's what police were investigating that hit and run crash as they heard shots fired just one block away. they ran to this scene. police say that the gunman saw them in uniform and started firing shots directly at them. >> this will not be tolerated. you cannot shoot them when they are trying to carry out their line of duty. >> reporter: saying that the streets are getting meaner. >> we're going to do everything in our powers to put an end to this. >> reporter: the 13-year veteran shot in the leg returned fire at the suspect who then
. controversial strategy to bring peace to oakland. next weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special sponsored 7-day graphic >>> finally tonight, a u.s. navy officer named timothy dorsey is up for promotion to admiral. whether he gets it may be determined by something he did a quarter century ago as an airman; something so bizarre, even he can't fully explain it. but it changed forever the life of fellow airman mike ross. and david martin has their story. >> reporter: mike ross was a young air force pilot flying reconnaissance missions in an f- 4 phantom jet. that's his plane during an exercise 25 years ago over the mediterranean, grainy video taken by a navy f-14. after taking a close look, the f-14 pilot did the unimaginable: he shot ross down. >> it took the tail off the airplane. >> reporter: ross ejected going 630 miles per hour, causing leg, shoulder and spinal injuries which have degenerated over the years, requiring 32 surgeries. >> ruined my life. >> reporter: why do you say that? >> basically
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